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New GCS Thermal Interface Gap Filler Products Now Available


Specifically designed for high performance heat transfer

Why use thermal interface gap filler pads?

Thermal gap fillers are used when a requirement exists to thermally couple a hot surface to another surface.

Typically an air gap of greater than 0.5mm (0.020”) between two surfaces often means an interface material should be used. Uneven surfaces or components at different heights are an ideal area where under compression, contact can be made to provide a thermally conductive heat path and efficient and effective heat transfer.

GCS gap filler materials are unique in that they provide electrical isolation and are very soft to assist with interfacial thermal resistance as well as create low pressure forces on the device during operation. They have also been developed not to break down over time.

Typical Applications

Typical applications include:

  1. coupling hot FR4 PCBs to an automotive chassis,
  2. cooling DSP (Digital Signal Processing) in computer applications
  3. power supply units
  4. DC to DC power converters.

Thermal interface gap filler pads are available in a pre-formatted size or can be pre-punched into a required shape for placement in the interface.

All thermal interface gap filler products are ROHS and REACH compliant.

The new additions to the product range offer a variety of features dependent on the needs of the customer.

New Gap Filler products on EuropeanThermodynamics.com:

GCSP-10LD Low Density Silicone Thermal Interface Pad, 1W/m.K

GCSP-15LD Low Density Silicone Thermal Interface Pad, 1.5W/m.K

GCSP-20LD Low Density Silicone Thermal Interface Pad, 2W/m.K

GCSP-35 Silicone Interface Material, 3.5W/m.K

GCSP-30GF Silicone Interface Material, 3W/m.K

GCSP-20 Silicone Interface Material, 2W/m.K

GCSP-15 Silicone Interface Material, 1.5W/m.K

GCS-8k Thermally Conductive Insulating Interface Material, 1.3W/m.K